Our research in the field of genetic epidemiology is focused primarily on identifying genetic polymorphisms as susceptibility markers of cancer risk associated with the study of drug consumption, colorectal cancer, and development of a predictor of individual risk based on the combination of multiple genetic polymorphisms associated with cancer.

We use of bioinformatics tools for the identification of genes involved in cancer. This is a complex task since it requires in vivo and in vitro validation of hypotheses generated by bioinformatics models using genomic and proteomic data.


Within the area of molecular diagnosis of cancer, our research focuses on the identification of biomarkers useful for the early diagnosis od colorectal cancer. The domains ofinterest include genomics, proteomics and epigenetics. We believe that genomic regulatory networks are useful for the identification of new markers.

The series of cases with colorectal cancer who participate in the studies already described to identify diagnostic markers are well characterized from the clinical point of view, along with monitoring and collecting data prospectively. This allows the analysis of prognostic markers.