Coordination of the Catalan Network of Smoke Free Hospitals

The Network promotes smoke-free hospital model through advice, training and development of specific projects and working groups, smoking cessation for patients and staff, as Smoke-free Mental Health, teacher training, smoke-free campuses, etc. The UCT is responsible for coordinating the ENSH, the international network of smoke free hospitals in which several European networks and maintains contacts with other networks (Taiwan, Quebec).

Monitoring the determinants of the active tocacco consumption and second-hand smoking.

This research aims to monitor changes in the prevalence of smokers and former smokers, according to its main demographic determinants, from health survey of Catalonia, Spain and the Eurobarometer. It also studied passive exposure from routine surveys and ad hoc studies.

This research deals with the development and application of different methods for measuring exposure to tobacco smoke for nonsmokers. Have been developed and validated questionnaires for use in population surveys of health and ad hoc epidemiological studies, in conjunction with biomarkers such as cotinine or personal measurements of environmental tobacco smoke (nicotine and breathable air particles).

The UCT has evaluated the implementation of tobacco control legislation Spanish, Italian and Portuguese projects led directly or as partners. For these evaluations have been set up ad hoc studies (cohort of waiters in Spain and Portugal; measures of nicotine and particles in hospitals, health centers and restaurants and bars; survey on passive smoking) and have used secondary data (health surveys of Spanish and Italian Ministries). The Unit participates in international initiatives such as series of manuals on the IARC Tobacco Control.

This research began with the collaborative study "Economics of smoking in Europe" that investigated the association between tobacco price and the prevalence of consumption. Subsequently we are participating in studies on the elasticity of tobacco by taxes and the price of tobacco, with individual and aggregated data collected at European level as part of a project of the 7th framework program and another project about the economic impact of the tobacco law in Spain.